Best VPN For China 2021

Article updated on January 15, 2021


What’s The Best VPN For China?

China has the strictest censorship system in the world. The Chinese government has blocked thousands of websites, including google, facebook, twitter, youtube, reddit, instagram, Gmail, Skype, etc. Of course, it also includes some mainstream streaming media, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, DAZN, Showtime, etc. On the other hand, the Chinese government has also extensively suppressed the use of VPNs, and most VPNs are not working in China. Therefore, it is not easy to find a secure and reliable VPN that can be used in China.

After testing hundreds of VPNs, we found that the following five VPNs are very reliable and can successfully bypass the Chinese firewall, which is the best VPN for China.

Best VPN App For China in 2021 :

PureVPN( $ 1.32 / Month )(74% OFF)

SurfShark( $ 2.21 / Month )(83% OFF)

IvacyVPN ( $ 1 / Month )( 88% OFF )

ExpressVPN( $ 6.67 / Month )(49% OFF)

NordVPN( $ 3.71 / Month )( 70% OFF )

Here are reviews and comparisons of the best VPNs in China in 2021:

TOP 1: PureVPN: ( $1.32 / Month) ( 74% OFF )


PureVPN is headquartered in Hong Kong, coupled with its powerful features and favorable prices, making it one of the best VPNs for China. PurdVPN has more than 2,000 servers in 141 regions around the world, and provides 12 servers in Beijing and Shanghai, China. This is good news for users who are not in China and want to access Chinese streaming media or services. No matter where you are in the world, when you want to access China’s Tencent Video, iQiwei, Sina Weibo, Douban, Youku, Douyin, Cool Dog Music, Netease News and other streaming media and services, just connect Servers in Beijing and Shanghai can bypass geographic restrictions.

PureVPN provides users with multiple VPN protocols, including PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, SSTP, and OpenVPN. Users can choose freely according to their needs. In addition, PureVPN also provides 256-bit encryption, built-in Kill Switch, split tunneling, DNS and IP leak protection. Their more than 2,000 servers around the world fully support P2P file sharing, and most of the servers in the network have been optimized for Torrenting and are the ideal VPN for Torrenting.

In terms of compatibility, PureVPN supports all major platforms, such as Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and some other popular platforms, and allows 10 devices to connect at the same time.

PureVPN Main Features:

  • Price concessions, high cost performance
  • Powerful privacy and security features
  • Servers in Shanghai and Beijing, China
  • 2000+ servers in 141+ countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth, allowing 10 devices to connect at the same time
  • P2P and BitTorrent friendly
  • 31-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • More Information: PureVPN Review
  • PureVPN Website:

PureVPN Price:

5-year plan: $1.32/month
1-year plan: $4.16/month
1 month plan: $10.96/month

PureVPN provides powerful features, super fast speed and very easy to use application, and is well received by users at a discounted price of $ 1.32 per month. In terms of payment, PureVPN accepts multiple payment methods including PayPal, Alipay, Payment wall and coin, etc., and provides a 31-day money back guarantee. If you have any questions, you can always contact them through their 24/7 customer support.

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TOP 2: SurfShark: ( $2.21 / Month ) ( 83% OFF )


Founded in 2018, SurfShark is a relatively young VPN service provider, but because of its unique Camouflage mode and NoBorders mode, it can successfully bypass Chinese firewalls. SurfShark is one of the best VPNs for China because it supports countless devices connected simultaneously and the price of $ 2.21 / month.

SurfShark has more than 3200 servers in more than 65 countries around the world, including many high-speed servers near China, each of which supports P2P / Torrenting. With its worldwide servers, users can easily unlock websites and servers blocked by the Chinese firewall, as well as global geo-restricted streaming media and services. All SurfShark plans offer unlimited bandwidth, and users can enjoy streaming.

In terms of security, SurfShark is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, an area without data retention laws, and an area far from 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes. It uses AES 256-bit Encryption and a strict zero-logging policy. Supports multiple VPN protocols and built-in Kill Switch function to ensure user privacy and data security.

The most important point is that SurfShark allows countless devices to be connected at the same time, which can fully meet the needs of a large family and a small company.

Surfshark Main Features:

  • Allow countless devices to connect at the same time
  • Unique features to bypass network censorship
  • Strong encryption and security
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlocks mainstream streaming
  • 3200+ Servers in 65 Countries
  • Supports P2P / Torrenting
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 31-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • More Information: SurfShark Review
  • SurfShark Website:

SurfShark Price:

2-year plan: $2.21/month
6-month plan: $6.49/month
1-month plan: $11.95/month

SurfShark offers a 24/7 Customer Service and accepts all major payment methods, including: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple), Google Pay, PayPal, etc. Surfshark also supports a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have any risk.

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TOP 3: IvacyVPN ( $ 1 / Month ) ( 88% OFF )


ivacyVPN is headquartered in Singapore and has deployed a large number of servers around China. Therefore, for Chinese users, most of ivacyVPN’s servers are very fast.

ivacyVPN provides military-grade 256-Bit Encryption and strict log-free privacy policy. It supports multiple VPN protocols, including TCP, UDP, L2TP, and IKEV. In addition, they also have IPv6 Leak Protection, Secure DNS, DDoS Protection, Internet Kill Switch, Split Tunnelling, Defeat ISP Throttling and other functions to provide users with powerful privacy and security services. IvacyVPN supports all major platforms, including: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Kodi, Raspberry Pi, xBox, PS4, Blackberry, Roku, Routers, Smart TV, etc., and allows 10 devices to connect at the same time.

ivacyVPN has more than 1000 servers in more than 100 regions around the world, and also provides two servers specifically in Beijing and Shanghai. If you are outside China, you can also access China’s stream Media and restricted websites by connecting to the servers in Beijing and Shanghai, such as WeChat, QQ Music, Tencent Video, Netease News, etc. For Netflix users, All Plans unblock 7 major Netflix Regions including US, France, Japan, UK, Australia, Germany & Canada. Enjoy Hassle-free streaming from anywhere.

IvacyVPN Main Features:

  • Price concessions, high cost performance
  • Stunning speed for Chinese users
  • Servers in Beijing and Shanghai
  • Powerful privacy and security features
  • Support for multiple devices and platforms
  • Unlock geo-restricted content and websites
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • More Information: IvacyVPN Review
  • IvacyVPN Website:

IvacyVPN Price:

$1/month: 5-year plan
$3.50/month: 1-year plan
$9.95/month: 1 month plan

IvacyVPN accepts multiple payment methods, including Credit Card, Paypal, BitPay, AliPay, Perfrct Money, etc. and supports a 30-day money back guarantee.

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TOP 4: ExpressVPN ( $ 6.67 / Month ) ( 49% OFF )


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs for China. It can easily cross the Great Wall firewall. It has more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries around the world, especially in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and other neighboring countries in China. A large number of servers is a huge advantage over other VPN service providers. ExpressVPN’s servers around the world can provide super-fast connections for global users, and can also unlock websites and services restricted by the Chinese firewall. For example, when you are in China, you can use Expressvpn to easily connect to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Skype , Reddit, youtube, instagram, etc. In addition, you can also unlock streaming media that cannot be accessed due to geographical restrictions, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, etc.

ExpressVPN provides military-grade encryption and multiple VPN protocols, and has built-in advanced features such as Kill Switch and IP / DSN leak protection, which not only protects our privacy and data security, but also bypasses surveillance from ISPs and the Chinese government. In terms of compatibility, Expressvpn supports all major devices and platforms, and provides dedicated Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and other applications, which can be well compatible with local brand products from China, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Opple, VIVO and other mobile And PC devices, and allows 5 devices to connect at the same time, and each device can enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

ExpressVPN Main Features:

  • Fast and always bypass Chinese firewall
  • 3,000+ Servers in 94 countries
  • Unblock all websites restricted by Chinese firewall
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Allowing 5 devices to connect at the same time
  • Military-level encryption
  • Compatible with all major devices and systems
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • More Information: ExpressVPN Review
  • ExpressVPN Website:

ExpressVPN Price:

ExpressVPN accepts a variety of different payment methods, including cryptocurrencies such as credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. It also supports local Chinese payment methods such as Alipay and UnionPay cards. Each plan also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can apply for a refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days.

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TOP 5: NordVPN: ( $ 3.71 / Month )( 70% OFF )


NordVPN is one of the top VPN service providers due to its powerful functions, and its obfuscated servers function is very useful for bypassing the Great Wall firewall in China. It has more than 5,500 servers in 59 countries around the world, providing users with stable and fast connections. NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for China.

NordVPN uses AES-256 encryption and supports almost all VPN protocols. Because they are based in Panama, there are no restrictions on data retention laws, and they have a strict zero-log policy. In addition, NordVPN also provides powerful features such as ad blocking, malware protection, IP and DNS leak protection, and built-in Kill Switch. Can meet the needs of all novices and veterans for VPN.

Thanks to NordVPN’s large number of servers around the world, Chinese users can bypass the Chinese firewall to access Google, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, reddit, YouTube, Instagram and other services, and Nordvpn also provides optimized dedicated Torrenting, gaming, streaming media servers. When users open Netflix and other streaming media, NordVPN’s client will automatically provide corresponding stable and fast access. In terms of compatibility, NordVPN also provides applications for all major devices / systems / software, and not only that, advanced users can get a lot of manual configuration options. NordVPN also allows users to connect up to 6 devices at the same time.

In addition, NordVPN also provides a simplified Chinese version of the website for Chinese users, so that Chinese users can access and download the client.

NordVPN Main Features:

  • Powerful and can bypass Chinese firewall
  • 5565+ Servers in 59+ Countries
  • Website with simplified Chinese version
  • Powerful privacy and security
  • Unlock streaming like Netflix
  • Dedicated Torrenting / P2P server
  • Unlimited bandwidth, allowing 6 devices to connect at the same time
  • 24/7 online chat customer support
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • More Information: NordVPN Review
  • NordVPN Website:

NordVPN Price:

3-year plan: $3.71/month
2-year plan: $4.99/month
1-year plan: $6.99/month
1-month plan: $11.95/month

NordVPN offers multiple payment methods including Credit Cards, Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, Crypto Currencies, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you need help, you can count on 24/7 live chat customer support for help. Moreover, NordVPN has a huge knowledge base with useful information about settings and servers.

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Top 6 : Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN is a bit expensive, but it is the most stable VPN in China. Even in China’s special times of the year, it remains unaffected. This is beyond the reach of any VPN in the world.

This is why I highly recommend using Astrill VPN in China.

Astrill VPN is one of the few VPNs that can be used in China. Astrill VPN provides multiple VPN protocols. The StealthVPN protocol can hide the fact that you are using a VPN and can successfully escape the Great Wall firewall.

Astrill VPN has more than 300 server nodes in 111 cities in 62 countries around the world. The servers near China include: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand.

In addition to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, Astrill VPN also has a large number of servers deployed in some Internet developed countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Russia, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, new Zealand.

For foreign trade or some business people, after logging in to Astrill VPN, you can successfully open Google, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and other websites, allowing you to connect with customers anytime Communicate.

In addition to bypassing the Great Wall firewall, Astrill VPN can also unlock mainstream media worldwide, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, and more. Therefore, for US TV fans, after logging in to Astrill VPN, you can successfully access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, ShowTime, sling TV, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, CBS, ESPN, Hotstar and other entertainment programs. You can enjoy HD programs anytime, anywhere without buffering.

For some students and scholars, after logging in to Astrill VPN, you can access the website of any country or university with the help of its worldwide servers.

In addition, Astrill VPN also provides a special Chinese version of the website for Chinese users, and supports Alipay payment.

AstrillVPN Features:

  • China’s most stable VPN
  • Strong military-grade encryption
  • Support multiple VPN protocols
  • Fast and stable connection
  • Provide filter function
  • Built-in Kill Switch
  • WebRTC and DNS leak protection
  • Unlock geographic restrictions like Netflix
  • Torrenting / P2P friendly
  • Provide private IP
  • Strong compatibility
  • 5 devices connected at the same time
  • Accept Alipay and WeChat payment
  • 24/7 online customer service
  • Astrill VPN Full Review: Astrill VPN Review 2021
  • Astrill VPN official website:

AstrillVPN Price:

Astrill VPN not only works in China, but also one of the best VPNs in China. Astrill VPN has a very high market share in China.

Get Astrill VPN Now !

In the past two years, the Chinese government has continuously increased its efforts to crack down on VPNs. All VPNs that have not been authorized by the Chinese government have been blocked.

Chinese local VPN service providers, such as GreenVPN, 海盗船VPN, and 非凡VPN, have been shut down and stopped.

Most non-Chinese local VPN service providers are also blocked by the government.

Nowadays, there are very few VPNs that can be used in China around the world. The line is stable and the VPN with faster speed is even less.

Why Do You Need a VPN in China?

In terms of Internet use, China and Western countries are very different. The West has an open and free Internet environment, allowing everyone to freely access every corner of the Internet. But if you live in China, there are some additional restrictions, such as you cannot access google, facebook, twitter, youtube, reddit, instagram, Gmail, Skype, Tinder, Snapchat, Pinterest, BlogSpot, Flickr, Periscope, LinkedIn, LINE, WordPress, SoundCloud, and more. Of course, due to geographical restrictions, you also cannot access services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, DAZN, Showtime and so on. Therefore, you must use a reliable VPN to help you bypass the Great Wall of China firewall and other geographical restrictions.

Who Needs a VPN in China?

A: In China, practitioners involved in global trade.
B: People traveling in China.
C: Non-Chinese who study and live in China.
D: People who want to visit social networking sites, news, and streaming media in other countries (countries outside China).
E: People who want to protect their privacy and security when they go online.
F: Other

Important: Before you travel to China, you need to download and install the VPN client on all your devices. This is because the VPN service provider’s website and google play are completely blocked in China.

In China, Which Websites And Services Accessed Must Be Using VPN?

Social or tools: Such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Google/Google Ads/Google Shopping/Google adsense, Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram……

Streaming and video sites: Such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BBC iplayer, Showtime, sling TV, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, CBS, ESPN, Hotstar, Popcorn Time……

Others: Such as Gaming, Bittorrent, Torrenting……

Is It Illegal To Use a VPN in China?

“Is it illegal to use a VPN in China?” This is a common problem when using a VPN in China. And there is no exact answer to this question. If your main purpose of using a VPN is to link to social media to interact with friends, or log in to Gmail for business communication with customers, these are all safe. If you are traveling to China, or if you need to use a VPN for your work, please stay optimistic and do not participate in any political discussions.

China has beautiful mountains and rivers that are worth your visit, there are many kinds of cuisines that are worth your tasting, and there are many friends that you are worth making, keep an open mind to face, and you will have a lot to gain.

In China, You Should Use a Free VPN or a Paid VPN?

According to big data analysis, in China, 60% of people use VPN mainly for work, such as using VPN to access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Google/ Google Ads/ Google Shopping/ Google adsense, Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram and so on, these are mainly global trade practitioners and students (including international students in China), travelers.

20% of people use VPNs to access streaming websites or other video website.

10% of people use VPN to protect their privacy and security.

The remaining 10% of VPN users are for other purposes.

Honestly, I don’t approve of using a free VPN in China, because a completely free VPN has almost no effect. The reason is simple. A completely free VPN cannot bypass China’s Great Wall firewall.

Secondly, free VPNs are very unreliable in terms of encryption and data security. It not only fails to protect users’ privacy and data security, but it is likely to collect user information and sell it to third parties.

A completely free VPN is also unsatisfactory in terms of connection speed and unlocking geographic restrictions. Because it is free, it cannot maintain a large number of servers, and often only one or two servers can be used. This results in very slow connection speeds and the ability to unlock geographic restrictions. very bad.

If you do n’t have a budget to buy a VPN, and you only use the VPN briefly, then I suggest you use the following free VPNs in China

ExpressVPN:30 day money back guarantee

NordVPN:30 Days Money Back

PureVPN:31-Days Money-Back Guarantee

SurfShark:31-Days Money-Back Guarantee

IvacyVPN:30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

The above five VPNs are aimed at the best VPNs in China, and they are also the top VPNs. They all provide powerful privacy and security functions, provide servers all over the world and good customer support. The main thing is that they can provide you with a free service for one month (you can apply for a full refund within 30 days).

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